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Letter Donuts

Deliver your message in the most delicious way! Each letter is the size of a traditional donut and decorated just the way you want it!


Personalized 2-tier unicorn galaxy 

Dusted with glistening glitter, swirled with gold shimmer, and topped with a magical unicorn. Customized with your message!

Personalized 3-tier

Giant donut, topped with a regular-sized donut, topped with a donut hole! A great centerpiece for your dessert table!

Personalized Giant Donut

About 8" wide, it's a giant version of a raised donut and it has your own custom message written on it!

Unicorn Donut

Our magical donut has caught the dessert world by storm! Glitter, pearls, gold. All handmade and edible!

Mermaid Donut

Every mermaid donut is delicately put together with all edible pieces, each one handmade, glittered, and pearlized. This beauty is always instagram-ready and loves being the center of attention!

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